Hello friends!

As the docile autumn breeze turns to a rather more hostile winter chill, we enter November and the celebration of National Novel Writing Month.

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly will be participating.

This is my first NaNoWriMo (which is the acronym for National Novel Writing Month, if you haven’t caught on) so I’m a little unsure about the rules, but as I sat down with pen and paper today–which, incidentally, is my preferred mode of creative writing to which I bear the calluses proudly–I realized that having some sort of deadline is actually not the worst thing in the world.

(Note: I’m saying this on November 1st, when the month is still bright with possibility. Come back to my two weeks from now when my 60,000 word goal is still a depressing 55,000 words away…)


The project: Unofficially titled La Donna Dolce, a contemporary romance novel for the thinking woman. Consider it Fifty Shades of Grey meets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Elective Affinities.

The summary…and this is actually the summary on my NaNoWriMo profile:

Two years after running away from her abusive fiancé, Charley Whitaker is living a quiet life in New York City. Well, as quiet as the life of an uber-elite call girl for the ultra-exclusive escort agency La Donna Dolce can be. Having locked her heart away behind the steel doors of hard-won experience, Charley is content to service the super rich with anything they need. She can run the gamut from a lively conversationalist to a sultry seductress–so long as she doesn’t have to be herself. That’s a character which is definitely not on the menu.

Billionaire Jack Phoenix never liked to mix business with pleasure—unless he was with someone who was in the business of pleasure. A titan of industry whose aggressive business practices have lost him friends and gained enemies, Jack has no time for the rules and regulations entwined in the dating game. He also has tastes that only a select few can satisfy, and for those he turns to the women of La Donna Dolce.

When a chance meeting in a hotel lobby throws their rigidly-controlled worlds out of balance, Charley and Jack finds themselves rethinking their philosophies on love and relationships as the two embark on a passionate affair.

But when the consequences of their past actions start to catch up with them, is their indescribable connection enough to overcome them? Or is their mad chemistry just the spark to set their world on fire…

I know…riveting stuff, ain’t it?

Obviously, this is a work-in-progress, so the summary and the story may change. Right now, I recognize how cliché this all looks, but bear with me! This is just the beginning!

From time to time, I’ll be posting little tidbits about how it’s going (from “Got 5000 words written!” to “OH GOOD GOD WHY?!”) so keep an eye here for updates–should, of course, you be interested in updates.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually get this done and you’ll be reading it on your Kindle for .99 sometime next year? Hope springs eternal, after all.

In the meantime, enjoy the clichéd-ness of the summary and for those of you familiar with my writing style, look forward to the patented A-D wit (actual patent pending) and the overuse of hyphens and commas.

Have thoughts? Lemme know ’em! Try not to be super rude about it. If you are, expect abject mockery in the public eye that is the interwebz. 😀

Here we go!



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